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Phil Engel:

Incredible course! Expert lecturers make what seemed like overwhelming material simple to understand in a common-sense approach. Great mix of science with practicality and very knowledgeable and approachable expert lecturers.

Thank you thank you Grant, Tim and Jeff


Nina Lehrhaupt:

This course was super educational.

Thank you!


Cynthia Mellon:

This was fun. I loved the huge amount of information that was shared.

Thank you!


Frosty (Joseph A. Koskulitz):

Great class! Showing and discussing real world situations and practical hands-on advice is beyond invaluable. I’d say it clearly was the next step up. Now it’s simply a matter of putting more real-world experience to know what the next question would be for the next course.


Janet Early:

Very good class. Grant, Jeff and Tim are incredibly knowledgeable.


Juliana Alcaraz:

Great class.


Jennifer Cotton:

Amazing class by the “Rock Stars” of Beekeeping!

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