From Bees to Bottles, Apivar to Extractors, Stiles Honey is your one-stop-shop for beekeeping.

Mann Lake Distributor

Stiles Honey is an authorized distributor of Mann Lake Beekeeping Supplies. Everything from woodenware to mite treatments to extractors and bottling equipment, Stiles Apiaries is a local source for all your beekeeping needs.

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Glassware, Jars & Honey Containers

Stiles Honey is a low-price source for glassware and BPA-free plastic honey jars and bottles.  We carry all the standard size containers, including 8 oz. jars and bottles, 12 oz. bears, one, two and five pound jars and bottles, and Muth jars in several sizes. From case to cap, bottle to bucket, no matter how many or how few, we sell by the quantity that you need at a price you can afford.