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Our Story

Stiles Honey officially opened for business in 1995 as Stiles Apiaries, but really started as an eight year old boy’s love of the outdoors and sharing his father’s hobby. Grant Stiles was just a boy when his father first introduced him to beekeeping, and from his first moment of looking inside his first hive, Grant was hooked on honeybees

and beekeeping. 

What started as a young boy’s hobby has now grown into one of the most successful apiaries in the New York/New Jersey area, with Stiles Honey currently managing well-over 4,000 honeybee colonies a year. Beekeeping is a reoccurring theme in Grant’s life, as he paid for much of his college education at Penn State by selling beeswax candles and hand painted beeswax ornaments. He graduated with a degree in entomology, where his emphasis & research was honeybee.

As an entomologist with a passion for bees, Grant became the New Jersey State Apiarist, a position he held for 10 years.  During his tenure as state apiarist, Grant learned about the industry of commercial beekeeping and obtained the tools he needed to successfully run Stiles Honey. Stiles Honey is proud to be producing and packing our local honey for distribution, in the NJ and NY markets.  Stiles Honey is also sold across the country, and as a national distributor, we are the largest honey producer and packer in New Jersey.

Stiles Honey is the beekeepers one-stop-shop for bees, beekeeping equipment, and honey packaging supplies. We are the area’s leading nuc producer, and every spring we supply New Jersey beekeepers with quality bees to start a new hive, or replace any winter losses. To better serve area beekeepers, in 2015 we became an authorized Mann Lake bee equipment dealer, providing a local resource for all your equipment needs.

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