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Frequantly Asked Questions

⦁    How do I store my honey?
     ⦁    Store in at room temperature.

⦁    What to do when my honey crystalizes?
     ⦁    Stiles honey is still good for consumption after crystallization.
     ⦁    Place the bottle in microwave for 20 seconds at a time until honey has returned to liquid form.

⦁    What do I do if my creamed honey liquifies?

     ⦁    Once Stiles Creamed Honey has been liquified, it unfortunately cannot be reverted to cream.

⦁    What do I do with Bee Pollen?
     ⦁    Visit our recipe’s tab for delicious ideas for our bee pollen.

⦁    How should I store bee pollen?
     ⦁    Pollen should not be heated as heating will destroy the nutrients. Storing your Fresh Bee Pollen in the 

           refrigerator or freezer will extend its shelf life.

⦁    Don’t see your question… reach out to us at ⦁

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