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Welcome to Stiles Honey Co-packing and Private label services. Since opening, we have worked with many customers packaging their products and providing private label services of honey. Our founder Grant uses his expertise in honey and the various procedures to process honey to create and fine tune recipes to produce high quality products. While we specialize in packaging and infusing honey our facility is capable of much more.

At Stiles Honey, food safety is our number one priority. With the continually evolving practices in food safety, we ensure our facilities meet or exceed the standard requirements. Our facilities have the following certifications:

  • SQF certified

  • Inspected and registered by the FDA

  • HAACP, GMP food safety and security programs

  • Certified managers in SQF, HAACP and GMP

  • Kosher Parve certified

  • {Additional certifications can be expedited based on need.}

Stiles Honey is the leading co-packer for some of the most popular private label brands in the honey industry. While our focus is raw honey, our capabilities are open to other liquid or emulsified products.

  • Hot and cold fill (75°F – 140°F)

  • Products including honey based, liquid, creamed, infused

  • Retail and institutional size glass or plastic containers from 2oz up to 3,500lb totes

  • New and established recipes or formulas

  • Chef and restaurant signature packaging

  • Squeeze packets and various sizes

  • Industrial or bulk packaging

  • Ideal minimum production volume of 80 gal

  • Small batches will be considered

Getting started with Stiles Honey Co-packing and Private label services is a simple process. Once you have determined your process:

  1. Complete the questionnaire.

  2. Contact to schedule your free consultation.


Step 1: Contact Stiles Honey Co-packing and Private Label services (Stiles)

  1. Review the introduction packet, which can also be downloaded.

  2. Review and complete the online questionnaire.

  3. Request an NDA if needed.

Step 2: Evaluation

  1. Upon completion of the questionnaire a representative from Stiles will schedule a consultation.

  2. Send samples per the below specifications, this will be used to determine our manufacturing compatibility:

    1. For a developed product send 2 samples of the final product.

      1. Include ingredient specifications – brand, type, characteristics (minced, dried, frozen etc.)

      2. *Ingredients must be sourced from an approved supplier.

    2. Include finished product weight in grams and ounces and/or the percentage by weight of each ingredient.

    3. For an undeveloped product, we can discuss procedures, recipes, ingredients and packaging.

  1. Preliminary quotes will be provided.

    1. 1st Quote will be for the test and sample batches.

    2. 2nd Quote will be for the initial production.

  2. A visit to the facility can be scheduled.

Step 3: Product and Formula Testing

  1. Stiles will conduct a test batch of 20lbs.

    1. Up to 3 sample batches will be created.

    2. Up to 6 bottles from each batch will be sent for review.

Step 4: Product Information and Specifications

  1. Upon formula and production process approval, Stiles will send product to an accredited lab for food safety testing.

    1. The lab will send the nutrition statement per the Nutrition Labeling Education Act (NLEA):

      1. The report includes the product net weight, Nutritional Facts (order of ingredients by weight, calories, serving size, etc.)

  2. Stiles sends the final quote for each product.

    1. Please note, the signed quote and 50% deposit will be required to start production.

Step 5: Label Creation and Printing

  1. Samples of the finished label are reviewed for NLEA compliance.

  2. The label will be tested for compatibility with our machines and packaging.

  3. The final label design is approved and printed.

Step 6: Production Scheduling

  1. Stiles receives the completed Authorized Supplier form from your vendors.

  2. Stiles receives the ingredients and packaging supplies.

  3. Production is scheduled.

  4. Upon receipt of the final payment, product will be released for pickup.

**Please note, the timeline from consultation to finished product can take anywhere from 2 months to a year or longer depending on various factors not limited to quantity, material sourcing, lab testing and more.**


Stiles Honey Co-Packing and Private Label Services can provide alternative packaging suppliers if needed. With many packaging options ranging from 2 oz up to 5 gal, standard or customized packaging, glass or plastic, Stiles will guide you through the process to ensure you find the best packaging. The more popular images are featured in the picture below.

One of the most important part of your packaging is the Cap and Seal. The seal will protect your product from contamination and is required. Stiles can provide lids of all sizes, shapes and colors.


Stiles can provide various sealing methods to cater to your product needs.


With the understanding that your business may have bulk needs, Stiles Honey Co-packing and Private Label Services can produce and package industrial containers ranging from 5 Gallons to 3,500 lbs. totes or barrels. The lead times for production and sourcing of packaging will be increased based on the size and quantities needed.


Labeling of the bulk packaging is simple requiring only the FDA elements as the labels are not seen by the consumer.


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