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For beekeeping, two types of bottom boards protect the bees from pests, animals, and the local climate. These are the solid board and the screened bottom board. Both act as the hive floor and serve many purposes for the welfare of the bees.

If you are building a hive in a warm or humid climate, our screened bottom boards assist in controlling varroa mites and help with hive ventilation. Meanwhile, a solid bottom board protects the hive from the elements. It will keep your bees warm in the winter, particularly in colder areas where the hive has to put significant energy into staying warm. 

Screen bottom boards work to keep your bees cool and control pests. Any unwanted pests will fall through the screen, efficiently isolating them from the hive and helping beekeepers protect the bees.

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) screened board includes a grid Corex debris board and an entrance reducer. Remember to insert these items when installing a new package or re-queening to help unite the hive by enclosing the queen pheromone.

Boards are available in 8 frame and 10 frame options.

IPM Screened Bottom Board


    • 14.30 inches
    • 3.60 lbs
  • WW092


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