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When working with your bees, a good smoker is a must-have. The cool white smoke produced by a properly packed smoker helps to calm the bees. Our Stainless steel Smoke Cloud smoker delivers the longest possible volume of smoke. It's fitted with full-size vinyl bellows and an intake valve located under the barrel, plus a perforated metal grate for more smoke output than most smokers. It has a metal binding for a secure hand hold. This smoker also comes equipped with a protective metal shield.

  • Comes in two sizes:
    • 4" X 7"
    • 4" X 10"
  • Full-size bellows with an intake valve under the barrel
  • Perforated metal grate for the longest possible volume of smoke
  • Metal binding for secure hand hold
  • Comes with a protective metal shield

Note: Shown in picture is HD557 4"X7"


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Smoke Cloud Smoker with Shield


    • 9.10 inches
    • 2.80 lbs
  • HD558


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