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Our 10-Frame Deep Hive Body Kit can be added to your standard 10-frame equipment to replace an old brood chamber or added on as a second story to an expanding colony.

What size is right for me?

Did you know the only difference in measurements between 10-frame and 8-frame boxes is the width? 8-frame equipment is narrower than 10 frames, and not always compatible with other 8-frame equipment as dimensions vary slightly by manufacturers. 10 frame equipment offers more space for brood and honey production.

Foundation color may vary.

Assembled Deep with Frames and Plastic Foundation

    • 16.80 inches
    • 18.50 lbs
    • Box Size 9 5/8"
    • Frame Type: Wood Frames
    • Kit: Traditional
    • No Assembly Required
    • 1 - 9⅝" (24.45 cm) Assembled 10 Frame Hive Body; Painted
    • 10 - 9⅛" (23.18 cm) Assembled Frames w/Plastic Wax Coated Foundation
  • HK180


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